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Welcome to Gatelink your trusted partner for cybersecurity, cyber defense, information protection and IT solutions.

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Experience & Knowledge

We have significant experience in design, development and integration of complex communication, IT and cybersecurity systems.

Innovation & Creativity

We combine in our solutions classic and modern approaches for ultimate protection and security. We are always thinking out-of-the box, but comply to standards.

Excellence & Precision

We strive to be the best at what we do, this is because we have passion for security and technology. We do not provide one-sided solutions, we provide all-round solutions, that consider every aspect.

We are small company, but we have the traditions and experience of a large one.

About us

We are a Bulgarian IT company that is specialized in the design, development and provision of complex IT, cybersecurity, information security, personal data protection and cyber defence solutions. We provide to our clients custom hardware and software solutions, tailored to their specific needs.
We can state that our team members possess more than 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, and have worked on many large scale company and government managed projects over the years.
We have strong passion for security and technology, and always strive to provide our clients with the best affordable solution in a timely manner.
We understand green technologies, AI and ML, because this is what we’ve been working on over the years. Our close collaboration with leading R&D structures allow us to give you cutting-edge solutions that counter all contemporary threats.

Its always good to know who you work with...


We believe that partners are the one who make you successful. We are privileged to be able to partner with proven leaders in the IT market. These partnerships allow us to provide our customers with modern solutions that are tailored with the current international standards, and adequately respond to modern threats and eco policies. We take significant care to nurture these partnerships and to scale them over time. We are familiar with the responsibility of being a partner of such companies and strive to keep our team up to date with the needed trainings and certifications that will allow us to provide more value-added solutions to our clients.