Our story:

Gatelink is a Bulgarian IT and engineering company established in December 2020, based on the engineering development group Gate-92 DG and the engineering company Geya-92 Ltd. Gatelink Ltd. is an official development partner, solutions vendor and representative of Gate-92 DG.

We are a company that unites years of experience of proven specialists, that have been working in the past for IT leader companies and companies in the Defense sector. The specific knowledge that our team has, allow us to provide our clients and partners with high-quality tailored solutions and products that are in line with the latest technological innovations.

The range of our activities covers areas such as: information security, cyber security, personal data protection, software development, IT consulting services, design, development and implementation of specialized software systems and solutions, organization and conduct of specialized training activities, analytical and marketing services, specialized services for citizens and businesses.

We have created our own independent business model, significantly different from anything known so far, because Gatelink is not just a provider of complete and integrated solutions. Our company specializes in providing end-to-end complex solutions, covering even the smallest details. The solutions we provide are suitable for a wide range of economic areas and businesses.

Mission and Value:

We are not just a company specializing in the design, development and implementation of specialized software solutions and the provision of IT consulting services. We have adopted as our mission the provision of the most modern solutions and technologies for our clients. All our clients are partners for us, regardless of the time we have worked together. We believe in long-term partnerships and therefore strive to provide our customers and partners with solutions fully tailored to their needs and requirements.

Our goal is to identify new trends in the field of software development, design and implementation of specialized software systems, IT consulting services and information-analytical business services. In addition, we aim to provide affordable and reliable customized solutions to our customers and partners.

With a team of professionals working over the past 20 years for a number of technology startups, leading companies in providing IT infrastructure systems and solutions, government structures and government agencies, technology leaders such as IBM, HP and others, we are proud to say that we have solid knowledge and know-how that you and / or your business or your organization could benefit from. We are proud of the opportunity to maintain close partnerships with one of the leading R&D associations, which in turn allows us to join forces to provide strictly individual and specialized solutions.