Our story:

Gatelink is a Bulgarian IT company established in the end of 2020, based on the engineering development group Gate-92 DG and the engineering company Geya-92 Ltd which has solid experience in provision and development of complex IT and communication solutions for various large and medium customers from the Southeast Europe region. We are an official representative, development and solution vendor of Gate-92 DG.

At Gatelink we unite various specialists that are proven professionals with more than 20 years of experience.  Our team members have been working over the years for some of the leading IT companies in Bulgaria and Europe, Government agencies, Tech startups, Companies in the defense sector, etc. Our team is rich of specific knowledge, that allow us to deliver to our clients cutting edge solutions that characterize with high quality, flexibility, green policy compliance and more. We invest in gaining knowledge and insight.

The scope of our activities covers areas such as: information security, cyber security, cyber defense, personal data protection, database security, big data securitization, secure infrastructure development, secured clouds development, IT consulting services, IT infrastructure development and maintenance, hardware and software provisioning, training and certification activities, etc.

We have developed our business concept around the “all-round IT solutions provider” model. We have chosen this approach because we want to be not only just a provider or seller but to be value added solutions vendor and to provide your business with the complete set of IT solutions needed for your business. We specialize in providing complex end-to-end solutions, that take into account even the smallest details. We are providing solutions and services for a wide range of businesses both large and international companies and SMEs.

Mission and Value:

We not only specialize in the design, development and implementation of modular software solutions with high degree of customization and provision of IT consulting services. We have adopted as our mission to provide contemporary solutions and technologies for our clients. Every client is a valued partner for us, regardless of the time we have worked together. We believe in long-term partnerships and therefore strive to provide our clients with solutions tailored to their business and IT needs and requirements.

We strive to identify new trends in the fields of cybersecurity, cyber defense, information security, software development, system integration, IT consulting and analytical services.

With a team of proven professionals that have been working over the past 20+ years for a number of tech startups, IT market leaders like IBM, HP, etc., government and government agencies, and manufacturing and defense companies, we are proud to state that we have on hand solid knowledge and know-how that you and / or your business or organization could benefit from. We are proud of the opportunity to maintain close partnerships with some of the leading R&D associations and clusters in the EMEA region, which in turn allows us to join forces to provide flexible, adaptive, human centric reliable solutions.