Our story:

We are a small IT-consulting company, specialized in providing IT consulting services, Business consulting services, Market and Industrial researches, Software development services. We also specialize in providing Academic consulting services, Marketing Analyzes, Digital and Social media marketing analyzes and services. In our portfolio of products and services, we have included specialized services and activities in areas such as: cyber security, personal data protection and Information protection services and consultations, specialized education services and trainings, design and implementation of specialized software systems and solutions.

Mission and Value:

We are not just a company specializing in providing IT consulting services and related solutions adn systems. Our mission is to provide state-of-the art solutions and technologies to our customers, which allow us to leverage our business relations in the most efficient way. All clients for us are partners regardless of the time we have worked together.

Our goal is to identify new trends in the field of IT consulting services. To provide affordable and reliable customized solutions to our clients and partners.

With a team of professionals working over the past 20 years for a number of startup companies, leading companies in providing IT infrastructure systems and solutions, government institutions and tech leaders like IBM and HP we are proud to state that we have a strong expertise and serious know-how from which you or your company or organization could benefit from. We are proud to have the opportunity to maintain close partnerships with one of the leading development and research associations, which in turn allows us to join forces in providing unique and strictly individualized solutions.