We believe in complex expertise, but we also believe in complex solutions and services.

When information, time and quality matter, it is important to leave the work in the hands of true professionals.

Taking into account all aspects of today’s business culture and our business scope, Gatelink provides additional set of IT services oriented towards small and medium enterprises, startups, NGOs, foreign business entities and even You.

Some of the IT services we offer are:

  • Development, administration and maintenance of various scale IT infrastructure;
  • Development, administration and maintenance of highly protected working places;
  • Design, development and maintenance of protected hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications;
  • Custom made solutions for investment protection based on state-of-the art technologies;
  • Development, administration and maintenance of secured IT infrastructure for public and business entities seeking high levels of data protection and security;
  • Provision of systems and means for personal information security and cybersecurity;
  • Design, development and support of digital platforms – websites, e-stores, e-administrative systems, etc.;
  • R&D activities;
  • Hardware and Software provisioning – provision of hardware and software solutions tailored to your business and budget through DaaS, SaaS and PaaS methods.
  • IT maintenance and support services on a subscription basis and by request;

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