Since our start as a company we’ve managed to explore some of the products and solutions provided by JAM Software. Today, when it is important to be flexible, and to be able to provide custom solutions it is important to rely on the proper tools, that is why we’ve decided to provide you with the ability to take the advantage of the premium software solutions provided by JAM Software.

Gatelink is a reseller of JAM Software AG GmbH.

We provide the following products of JAM Software:

File & Disk Space Management tools:

  • SpaceObServer – a powerful database-based storage manager;
  • TreeSize – powerful and popular disk space manager;
  • UltraSearch Professional – ultra-fast and efficient solutions for file search;

Mail server and Security tools:

  • SmartPOP2Exchange – an easy-to-use POP3/IMAP connector designed for any SMTP server;
  • Exchange Server Toolbox – strong plugin for Microsoft Exchange Server or hMail Server with proven spam and virus protection;
  • SpamAssassin in a Box – powerful and controllable high performance spam filter for Windows;

Banking Software:

  • SEPA-Transfer – professional and secure solution for quick processing of SEPA-Transfers in all SEPA Participating countries;

Developer Components:

  • ShellBrowser Delphi – powerful Delphi components for easy access to the Windows Shell functionality for Delphi applications;
  • ShellBrowser .NET – powerful components for integration of explorer controls in .NET applications and custom explorer development.
  • ShellBrowser WPF – powerful tool for integration of Windows Shell functionalities in WPF applications;

If you’re interested in obtaining some of these awesome tools, do not hesitate to reach us at:

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