Our training and education services at a glance:

In a rapidly changing technological world a good level of knowledge and high professional competencies are of paramount importance. Here at Gatelink we believe that education and work are inseparable, so we strive to develop work-based education programs.

Our training and education initiatives are not just focused on the tech savvy professionals. We are focused on everyone, starting with the students in the school, going through the university programs and students, and finish with the business and government structures..

At the moment, we are not providing public information about our training and education projects and related initiatives, but feel free to view the areas we are scoping in our training and education projects and services.

  • Cyber security and personal data protection – best-practices, means, etc.
  • Software development principles and practices;
  • System design, systems architecture and system security;
  • Digital and social media presence;
  • Business planning and business intelligence;
  • Specialized training and education activities in the areas of National Security and Regional Security;

Please note that our company provides training and education services only after all the details have been discussed and clarified, due to the nature of the aspects that are covered in the courses.

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