IT Consulting services have a central place in our company portfolio. Based on the experience of our team members gained over the years, we know that a successful project or successful system integration is based on clear and focused advice, which is provided with attention to detail and takes into account a wide range of features related to the project and / or client.

Gatelink provides IT consulting services in the following areas:

  • General technical consulting tailored to the specific project and/or client;
  • Consulting services related to system architecture and system engineering;
  • Consulting services related with applying to and synchronization with the requirements of the ISO 27000 standard;
  • Cybersecurity, Information security and Personal data protection systems – consulting and advisory services;
  • Consulting services related with development and applying of optimal practices, policies and approaches in system development and architecture;
  • Consulting services related with the design, preparation and applying of security policies that aim to leverage the security levels of the business processes and the associated information arrays at the client;
  • Consulting services related with web design, and development of web-based systems;
  • Utilization of Blockchain and tokenization in modern IT infrastructure and processes;
  • HR consulting services with a focus on selecting the right tech-people for your project/company;

If you would like to learn more about our IT consulting services, do not hesitate to reach us at the following email:

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